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Opening our doors to the homeless and disabled

of the Chattahoochee Valley Area since 1976

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The Stewart Home is a finalist for the Public Participation Grant given by Historic Columbus!

The Stewart Community Home, c. 1929, was originally built as the Linwood School. Its name was changed in 1962 to Edwina Wood Elementary. The Stewart Community Home moved into the building in 1994 to support people in the community who are disabled and homeless. The grant would fund new historically accurate windows for the whole property.

If the eyes are the windows to the human soul, windows are the eyes of a building’s soul. While our building has an incredibly important role as a home to people in need, it is also instrumental to bringing back memories that people connect with this place. Help us replace the windows and restore the Stewart Home as it once was so that it can continue to both house and inspire people for many years to come. Ninety years of providing a safe space where children and adults alike have found sanctuary and acceptance is an incredible legacy that should be preserved and cherished.



Please take a moment to click the link below to vote for us for

Historic Columbus’ Public Participation Grant.

It will make such a huge difference in the lives of those we serve and in the building they call home.