Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of donations do you accept?

Please see the pull-down menu on the Donation button at the top of the page.

When and where can I drop off my donation?

The Stewart Community Home is open 24/7/365, however, the best time to drop off donations is M-F 8am to 5pm. This way, someone will be at the front desk to accept your generosity and write you a receipt. All visitors should enter the entrance in the parking lot where the green awning is located.

Programs and Services


What are the requirements for staying at the Stewart Community Home?
Men and women wishing to apply for residency at the Stewart Community Home must be 18 or older, have a documented disability, and be willing to abide by basic rules of conduct. Residents must also be tested for TB prior to acceptance into the home.

Does the Shelter help residents find jobs?
Absolutely! Also, in an effort to not duplicate services that already exist in the community, our Case Managers work closely with other agencies, such as the Labor Department and Vocational Services, that provide employment and employment training to those looking for work.

How can I reach someone staying at the Stewart Community Home?
The names of residents who live at the Stewart Community Home are kept confidential. Anyone wishing to contact someone they believe to be living at the Home may call the front desk at (706) 327-2707 and ask staff to leave the resident a message.

What do the residents at the Stewart Community Home do during the day?
The residents have varying schedules and activities that they participate in and attend during the day. Transportation to Dr.’s appointments, school, shopping, work, etc., is provided for them.

How does someone apply to be a resident at the Stewart Community Home?
Anyone who wishes to apply for residency must make an appointment with our Med Room Supervisor, Melissa Moore. This can be done by an individual on their own or through a referring agency. Call 706.507.7040 for admissions information.

How long are people allowed to stay at the Stewart Community Home?
There is no set limit of time a resident can live with us. We currently have individuals who are 18 to 85, who have lived here anywhere from 3 months to 30 years. Each person is evaluated on a regular basis to determine what is in their best interests and insures their particular needs are met. It is a very family oriented environment. The Stewart Community Home is truly A Place to Call Home.